Shave Trend – BIG NO NO

Ladies! Please DO NOT follow the “Shave your face” trend! I can’t remember the makeup artist who advised this, but she’s telling the world that shaving your face exfoliates, gets rid of hair and gives you a more flawless foundation application. WTH!! Really!?!? I’m sure it does, but why would you want to shave your face? 

Just a little beauty 101 about shaving. When shaving, your hairs grow back thicker, and darker. Our hairs were soft and peach fuzz like when we were younger. Once we started shaving, bam! Our hairs got darker, thicker and more noticeable. Just like shaving your legs armpits or other lady parts.So why would you want your face to become like a mans face? Seriously? Once you shave your face, all that peach fuzz hair will get darker and thicker! Let’s not mention a five o’clock shadow! Eeewww! 

The key to getting rid of facial hair is getting the hair by the root. Eventual the hair will not grow back, killing hair follicles and closing the pore. Best methods to grab the hair by its root is threading, waxing, tweezing or professional permanent hair removal specialist. 

To exfoliate, use a clarisonic, or some sort of facial exfoliating cleanser. It will get those dead skin cells, prep your skin for moisturizer and give you a softer canvas for makeup application. 

Do not over exfoliate, that only irritates or drys out the skin. You should only exfoliate twice a week. If you’re using a device, such as Clarisonic, I recommend using the cashmere brush for gentle daily cleanse and the radiance brush for exfoliating. I love using Philosophy Purity face cleanser with my Clarisonic. 


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